How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

Painting Kitchen Cabinets – Is It a Good Idea?

Renovating a kitchen every few years sounds like a great idea but you know all too well how much the execution of such projects costs. This is one of the main reasons why people do kitchen upgrades much less frequently than they would wish to.

The good news is that an alternative does exist. This alternative is called kitchen respraying you can look under painting kitchen cabinets 

Painting kitchen cabinets

What is Kitchen Respraying?

A kitchen respray project refers to an opportunity that enables cabinet and furniture upgrades with minimum waste (or no waste at all).

Most often, kitchen furniture will remain structurally sound for many years. Property owners will simply get tired of their appearance. Wood is a natural material that will get darker with the passage of time. Thus, the cabinets may start looking a bit shabby.

Through respraying, a fine coat of paint is applied to the wooden surfaces. Reputable kitchen respray companies work with high-quality paints that produce a beautiful finish. There are dozens of colors that clients can choose among, which enables a complete kitchen transformation.

Why Choose a Kitchen Respray Upgrade?

Having the furniture spray painted will change both its color and its texture. Such modifications are sufficient to completely alter the appearance of the tired, old kitchen.

Spray painting furniture is much more affordable than buying new pieces. In fact, you’ll need only 25 percent of the budget that you’ll otherwise have to dedicate to kitchen renovations. If you’re looking for a cost-efficient kitchen upgrade opportunity, this one will be perfect for you. Having the kitchen cabinets resprayed will minimize the downtime. Experienced professionals in the field need just a couple of days to get the job done.

When quality paint is used, it protects the wood underneath. The new spray-painted cabinets will remain in a good condition for a very long period of time. The shiny and smooth finish will also make cleaning and maintenance a whole lot easier.

It’s Important to Find the Right Professionals for the Job?

A kitchen respray project should be carried out professionally. Many people believe that they can spray paint furniture on their own. Commercial-grade paints, however, aren’t available on the DIY market. The application technique will also be essential for ensuring longevity.

Even if you hire experienced and reputable professionals for the job, you’ll still be saving a lot of money on kitchen renovations. This is the main reason why you shouldn’t hesitate to opt for spray painting the next time you decide to upgrade the kitchen.

Modernizing and Re-Decorating Your Kitchen Through a Respray Project:

A simple change in colors can transform the appearance of your kitchen and create a much more exciting, pleasant atmosphere. Painting kitchen cabinets do not have to be an extensive, complex, and costly renovation project. A kitchen respray can help you accomplish a lot and this process is done in just a few days.

With a kitchen respray, you can transform and modernize your space in three different ways.

Kitchen Respray Farrow and ball skimming stone

The first and most obvious one focuses on the manner in which spray paint can freshen up old kitchen furniture. Even if you buy very expensive cabinets, they will lose some of the aesthetic appeals with the passage of time Older wood looks dark and worn. The same applies to other materials that kitchen cabinets are commonly made of.

Kitchen Respray Dublin

When the cabinets are resprayed, a fine coat of paint will cover the old surface. Apart from freshening up the cabinet, this coat of paint will also protect it from further damage. The paint is extra-strong, which means that it will remain in excellent condition for a very long time.

The second manner in which a kitchen respray affects the appearance of the room is through a change in colors. You have dozens of different options. Lighter tones will make the room look more spacious. Dark colors have long been connected to sophisticated and modern interior designs. You may want to choose a color that contrasts or one that works together with the wall and floor tones.

Kitchen Respray Dublin

Having the kitchen resprayed will contribute to change in one more way. The spray painting produces a fine and very smooth finish. It’s different from wood, PVC, and other materials commonly used to manufacture cabinets.

A smoother and sleeker finish will obviously give the kitchen a much more streamlined appearance. This finish has some practical benefits. It makes cabinet cleaning much easier and doesn’t necessitate the use of specialized detergents.

Just one application will help you accomplish a range of kitchen modernization and re-decoration goals. Are you interested in this possibility? Want to figure out whether having your cabinets resprayed is the best idea for your home? Give us a call today and we’ll try to answer all of your questions. Pop into our showroom and find us on


Want to know how to make the perfect transformation in your kitchen even while you’re on a tight budget? Painting kitchens is just the perfect solution to achieve a dream look for your kitchen.

Kitchen Respray .com will transform your kitchen’s outdated and worn-out look by giving it the perfect makeover that many others get by painting kitchens. This is the most economical option for revamping your kitchen even while on a tight budget.

Kitchen respray to farrow and ball worsted


Why buy new furniture when you can make it look new again? Make your chairs, tables, and furniture look brand new again by having them repainted. No need to throw old furniture, simply re-use it and you get to spare yourself the cost of purchasing new sets for your kitchen. The quality paint materials used plus the excellent quality process done when painting kitchens are guaranteed to extend the kitchen furniture’s durability and bring vitality to the room by adding color – literally!


Renovating and remodeling kitchens cost a fortune but painting kitchens will spare all the unnecessary expenses. All surface respray makes renovation cheaper and faster. In just a few days, witness a major transformation in your kitchen for just a fraction of the cost of replacing furniture. If you want to spend less but hope to make a major change in your kitchen without compromising the quality and look you wish to achieve, our respray service is for you because you deserve only the best!

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Here at All Surface Respray, we aim to achieve your dream kitchen look by doing all the hard work for you without all the unnecessary expenses. Revive your kitchen’s worn-out look in no time and give your wood furniture and tabletop a brand new look by having your kitchen repainted only by the best kitchen respray in Ireland!

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