How does Kitchen Respray Work and is It Right for You?

How does Kitchen Respray Work and is It Right for You?

Are you thinking about getting your kitchen resprayed? If so, you should first learn about the specifics of this procedure and the results it can deliver.

What Exactly is It?
A kitchen respray project involves covering different surfaces with a fine coat of extra-strong paint. Most often, kitchen respraying is used on the cabinets. The paint can be applied on wood, PVC and a range of other materials.

Professionals All Surface Respray specialise in giving old pieces a new life. They treat the wood so that the finish is smooth and flawless once the paint is applied. The technology involves air-spraying. No brushes or rollers are used. This is why having the kitchen resprayed will result in impeccably beautiful cabinets that look brand new.

Kitchen Respray Dublin5
Kitchen Respray Dublin5

The Benefits of Having Your Cabinets Resprayed
The benefits of opting for this procedure are numerous.

The first and most important one is the amazing transformation that occurs with this procedure. A new cabinet colour and a new finish will both contribute to the streamlined, modern appearance of your kitchen.

Since the finish is so smooth, keeping the cabinets perfectly clean will also become a much easier task than before.

Kitchen respraying is an environment-friendly procedure. Very often, people discard perfectly good pieces and buy new kitchen furniture. Such practices are tremendously wasteful. An old cabinet that hasn’t suffered any structural damage can easily be renovated and transformed.

Finally, opting for cabinet respraying is a cost-efficient solution. A kitchen respray project will cost approximately 25 per cent of the price of a new kitchen. In addition, the paint is tough and long-lived. It’s not going to crack or peel in many years to come. You’ll be free from having to renovate the kitchen in the years to come and you’ll get to save a serious amount of money.

A kitchen respray is executed quickly, it gives you the chance to customise your kitchen and it cost a fraction of other projects. You have dozens of colours to choose among and the spraying can work on different kinds of surfaces. Choosing the right company for the project is obviously important, which is why you should take some time to examine the possibilities. Market leaders like us will help you accomplish your goals at the right price and within the shortest period of time.


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