What is a Kitchen Respray?

A Guide to Replacing Your Kitchen on a Budget

Only people that have never renovated a kitchen in the past are oblivious about the expenses linked to such a project. Kitchen furniture, appliances and other essentials can quickly go beyond what a household can afford.

Is there a solution? Could a kitchen be renovated without breaking the bank? Several options do exist and a kitchen respray is one of the best options available.

Kitchen Respray Kells
Kitchen Respray Kells

What is a Kitchen Respray?
Kitchen respray refers to having the furniture surfaces in the kitchen covered with a thin coat of paint.

Professionals like All Surface Respray rely on air spraying technology. This means that brushes aren’t used and the painting takes place without contacting the surface. As a result, the finish is incredibly smooth and it looks very expensive.

When you opt for a kitchen respray, you can have the surfaces coloured in just about any tone imaginable. You’ll get the kitchen looking very different from the original through the clever use of colour.

How Much Money can You Save?
This is the most important question that will need to be addressed regarding a kitchen respray.

Very often, kitchen furniture will be structurally-sound. It will simply lose some of its attractiveness. Throwing such pieces away just because they’ve been chipped or because the surfaces have become duller is going to be truly wasteful.

Having the furniture resprayed will cost you only 25 per cent of buying a brand new kitchen. This is a massive amount that you’ll be saving and that could be dedicated to something else. The result you get will look brand new and the smooth coat of paint will protect your cabinets from getting damaged. You will thus keep them in a good condition for many more years to come – yet another way in which you’ll be saving money.

Most kitchen renovation projects can be quite wasteful due to the fact that pieces in good condition will often be thrown away. A kitchen respray project is a good alternative and it will deliver beautiful results even on a limited budget. The numerous colours deliver versatility and you can change the appearance of your kitchen in just about every way imaginable.

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