Refinish your kitchen at a fraction of the price.

Refinish your kitchen at a fraction of the price with
Have you ever wanted thought about Kitchen Resurfacing, but didn’t have it in your budget? There isn’t a need to replace your entire kitchen when you can respray it. Respraying your kitchen will only cost about a fraction of the cost it would be if you were to replace the entire kitchen. When you respray your kitchen, you can also keep all of your current cabinetry and furniture, and make them all look like new again.
Kitchen Respray has over 15 years of experience resurfacing kitchens. They are based out of Blackrock, Co.Dublin ,100% Irish owned, fully insured and offer a five year guarantee on all of their work. Kitchen Respray can save you up to 80% of the cost of replacing your kitchen just by respraying it. Their process is quite simple, and only takes about two to four days at the most. Your kitchen should only be out of service for just about one day.

Their finish is a strong and super-smooth, not just the quality of the a repaint job.

The respraying process is short, and not drawn out. The best thing about their respray process is that no harmful chemicals are used. It is safe for both children and pets. Kitchen Respray comes to your home and removes the doors which they bring back to their workshop where they are degreased and prepared for spraying.

Each door is tested for contamination before spraying. Preparing all of the doors is the most important part of the respraying job. Areas of the kitchen that do not get resprayed get masked off. Masking takes about one to two days to complete. Once everything has been masked and prepared, it is ready to be sprayed. Kitchens usually only take a few hours to finish and then it is very quick to dry.
After everything is dry, KitchenRespray refits all of the doors and will even put on new handles or knobs if you have purchased them too. Before you know it, you will have a kitchen that looks brand new that you can show all of your family, friends and neighbors who just might be a little jealous!
If you are interested in Kitchen Respray’s services, you can send them a photo and get a free quote. You can contact them online at SEND YOUR PHOTO or call them at 0862 456 456 for more information. will take Kitchen Resurfacing to an entire new level to make your kitchen look new again.

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