New Kitchen on a Budget

New Kitchen on a Budget: What are the Options?

The kitchen is one of the most functional rooms in the house and as such, it should be modern and trendy. Upgrading your kitchen equipment and furniture, however, can be a particularly costly project.

If you’re trying to get a brand new kitchen on a budget, you’ll have to either make a quality compromise or look for an alternative to purchasing new furniture. Painting furniture is an ideal option for accomplishing a complete transformation without breaking the bank.

What’s Furniture Spray Painting?
The kitchen furniture is usually durable and long lived. Cooking meals and spending a lot of time in the kitchen, however, could impact the appearance of the cabinets.

Kitchen Respray farrow and ball Middleton pink
Kitchen Respray farrow and ball Middleton pink

With time, the wood will become darker. There could also be chips that will affect the appearance of the cabinets. Such problems affect solely the exterior and have no impact on the structural integrity of the pieces.

Painting furniture is an ideal option for changing its look and adding a protective layer that will keep the wooden surfaces free from damage. Companies like All Surface Respray rely on the spray painting technology. A very thin layer of paint is applied without using brushes. This technique results in a smooth and sleek finish that makes the cabinet beautiful and easy to clean.

Benefits of Kitchen Spray Painting
A kitchen respray project can be completed at only 25 percent of the cost of a brand new kitchen. The technique is very cost-efficient and it gives you long lasting results.

You have dozens of options to choose among. The cabinets can be painted in just about every colour. Light and beautiful or dark and easy to maintain – it’s entirely up to you.

A complete kitchen overhaul will demand a lot of time to be completed. The renovation is a messy procedure. You’ll have to get ready for days of work and you’ll also have to clean up after the team is done. Spray painting requires just a few days and upon its completion, you’ll be free to use the kitchen without having to do an extensive clean up.

These are just some of the reasons why kitchen spray painting is becoming more and more popular. Still have questions about it? Give us a call to tell up about your project and benefit from our professional suggestions.

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