Give your kitchen a low cost transformation

Are you tired of looking at your kitchen? Has it seen better days? Ready to throw in that towel rip it all out and build that dream kitchen you’ve always wanted…then suddenly you realize that doing that means that you will have depleted your savings, missed out on a few more holiday trips and possibly incurred more debt. Is it really worth it?


Kitchen Respray Greystones
Kitchen Respray Greystones

You look at your kitchen again from a different perspective – self-doubt and second thoughts have you thinking you can deal with it for a few a bit longer yet, there’s no need to rush it, just save the money. You feel happy and sad with your decision at the same time – It really does feel like it is part of a never-ending cycle at times.


How to give your kitchen a low cost transformation – a kitchen respray can wake your kitchen up, put some new life into it and make it look brand new, and all at a much more affordable rate than replacing it.


Replacing a kitchen should only be considered when the usability of the fixtures has reached then end of its life. When they are still fully functional – a respray will take care of the interior and exterior of your cabinets, making it appear and feel all new to you and your guests.


All Surface Respray is Irelands number one kitchen respray company and they are very meticulous in their work. They use only the best equipment and top of the line products giving you the best results.


One of the great things about having a kitchen respray is that you are not put out of your kitchen for weeks on end while a new kitchen is being installed; in just three to four days your will have a refreshed kitchen that is ready to use, in fact use it while the work is being done, the material used is environmentally friendly clear lacquers and pigmented products designed for use on wood – and because they use top of the line dust and fume extractors most of the smell is generally dissipated within 2 hours.


If you are still looking for a reason why you should have a kitchen respray done instead of having a new kitchen installed, well let me remind you of the money you will save. In these financially hard times it is difficult for any of us to part with money easily, so the number one reason for choosing a kitchen respray is that the cost is about a quarter of what it would be if you were to have a new kitchen installed…personally, I’d spend a 25c before I’d spend €1 any day!



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