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Freshen Up Your Doors and Windows With Us

Freshen Up Your PVC Doors and Windows

Spend time and effort cleaning up your front door and entryway this spring. Below, we’ve included our favourite suggestions for bringing brightness to your neighborhood and lifting your spirits.

When uPVC was first launched in the 1980s, it quickly overtook hardwood window frames as the material of choice for windows, primarily due to its welcome maintenance-free nature. Unlike timber, which requires constant maintenance, uPVC windows may last for years without care.

However, as dust and filth accumulate, especially on white frames, uPVC must be regularly washed to keep it clean and bright. We advise a thorough cleaning every three months for residences in towns, cities, or close to the ocean. For rural regions that don’t see as much filth and weathering, twice a year should be sufficient.

PVC Can Be Resprayed In Any Colour

Instead of completely replacing their windows, many homeowners are benefiting from uPVC window frame respraying. Have you been worrying about having to remove your old window frames and install new ones?

Using a professional paint spraying business to repaint your uPVC window frame is more time and money efficient. You may change the colour of your current PVC window frames by having them painted. When you paint the plain, white window frames, the exterior of your house seems light and airy.

Our support is warranted to endure. We are the authorized PVC respray applicators in Ireland. The products are not only surface-level. No. They chemically adhere to the surface. As a result, they cannot be peeled off or removed.

Your front door, inside and out, and windows can be repainted in whatever colour. White PVC windows might occasionally start to seem a little worn out over time.

With the advent of uPVC respray, it is now possible to either entirely alter the colour to a trendy cream or grey or to refinish them in factory white.

Most other window spraying businesses employ painting that tries to adhere to the substrate. The main distinction is that PVC uses “Kolorbond,” a unique molecular cross-bonding technique that creates permanent cross-links to your surface.

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